GOgreen - Sieber Sustainability
GOgreen - Sieber Sustainability

Responsibility towards our environment

Environmental protection and the responsible use of resources are important prerequisites for living sustainability.

In all logistics service areas, we emit CO2 emissions through the provision of services with our operating resources and infrastructures. In order to move closer to our aspiration of green logistics, we have for several years now been analysing our carbon footprint (Scope 1, 2, 3) and getting this balance certified by Swiss Climate.

In order to handle transport in a more environmentally friendly way and as efficiently as possible, the Sieber Group firstly relies on combined transport (CT) and secondly on a number of different drive options such as electric drive. We now use around 50 craneable trailers in the Swiss rail network. Through combined rail transport, we can do our part to relieve the burden on road traffic and the environment. Furthermore, we reduce emissions by using the latest technologies and through specific employee training.

A plus for your CO2 footprint

Offset carbon with Sieber

In cooperation with Swiss Climate, we have succeeded in calculating the measured emissions of the Sieber Group on the order volumes in the two corporate divisions National Transport and Solutions. We can calculate the resulting carbon emissions based on the effective transport volume of a customer and thus certify the Scope 3 emissions for each individual customer.

Exciting projects for your carbon offsetting

A core element of our efforts - and we are the first general cargo companies in Switzerland to do so - is to provide you with adapted offsetting options in cooperation with Swiss Cltimate, thus enabling you to make your transport climate-neutral and count it as zero in your balance sheet.

In our shortlist of projects, we have focused on forest reforestation in Switzerland, Europe and South America.

Climate protection and sustainable management in the Swiss forest

The project ensures the storage of CO2 and the sustainable management of 7,279 hectares of forest in the canton of Schwyz. This protects the climate, preserves biodiversity in the Swiss forest and enables the production of wood fuel for renewable energy production. This project work helps preserve the native biodiversity in the forest and guarantee its protective function against natural hazards.

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Stop deforestation in Pará, Brazil

The main goal of this climate protection project in the state of Pará is to stop commercial deforestation. This ban will help preserve a huge forest area with dense vegetation, resulting in a high reduction of CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the project has a positive effect on the conservation of the rich biodiversity in the Amazon region.

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Renewable energy from sawdust in Bulgaria

In this climate project, sawdust from our own production is used to generate water vapour. The steam supports the production of raw material for paper manufacturing. This results in less electricity usage from fossil energy sources and promotes the use of renewable energy sources. The biomass project is one of the only climate protection projects in Europe to have been awarded the Gold Standard.

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Our industry - our commitment!

For years, ASTAG and its members have been committed to transporting goods by truck in the most environmentally and climate-friendly way possible. Thanks to a consistent modernisation of the vehicle fleets, the industry is already safe and clean on the road today. ASTAG is thus acting in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement and the Federal Council's climate strategy: «we go green!»



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